[#snippet] How to reach and browse Windows paths rapidly using Bash on Windows (a.k.a. Windows Subsystem For Linux)


Here is a simple snippet I've put in my WSL .bashrc file to rapidly reach Windows paths when on Bash for Windows.

cdw() {
    local winpath="$1"
    winpath=$(echo $winpath | sed -e 's/\\$//g' -e 's/C\:/\/mnt\/c/g' -e 's/\\/\//g')
    cd "$winpath"

Place it in your .bashrc, then you can type cdw 'C:\What\Ever\Path' and you will reach /mnt/c/What/Ever/Path.

You can use the command echo $winpath | sed -e 's/\\$//g' -e 's/C\:/\/mnt\/c/g' -e 's/\\/\//g' alone to translate the Windows path into the corresponding WSL path in your scripts.