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Hi guys,

I'm Patrizio Tufarolo, the owner of this website and of all the content it provides.

I'm writing this to reassure you about privacy.
The content of this page applies only to the websites I own (,,, and not for any of the sites linked by me or related to this.

My hosting provider is Aruba (in Italy).
I do not collect any information or statistics about visits, nor granular logs.
The site is protected with https.

Visiting my site you could download cookies that don't belong to me.
In fact, like 99% of people on the internet, I use external services on my websites.
However I bet that you use those services everyday, so you really don't care if someone is tracking you.
Maybe the European Data Protection Supervisor do, so the reason of this post.

I use Disqus to provide comments.

I'm not using Google Analytics, or other tools to collect profiling data from my visitors or track them. Disqus does. So, if you don't want to be tracked, please consider installing an ad blocker extension, blocking third-party cookies from your browser's preferences, or somewhat like that.

If you want to know further take a look both at Google Privacy Policy and Disqus Privacy Policy.
If you have read all this, but you don't get what a cookie is, then look at this.
No, seriously, the right page is here.
Ok, this is the right one, really.

Best regards,


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