Who am I

Full-time developer, part-time *-admin, cyber-security passionate, now blogger.
Master student in "Cyber Security", with bachelor in "Computer Systems and Network Security" @ University of Milan.

My passion for IT started when I was seven years old, and I developed my computer skills ever since then.
As an autodidact, I began my studies with the basis of computer programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 6, and later I moved to the .NET platform with VB2005.
Afterwards, I learnt the Unix systems, using Linux and BSD, and I developed a considerable interest towards the opensource ethics and point of view.

Furthermore, I studied Python and Perl. When I started to explore IRC channels, I became passionate in IT security. I also began to work as a computer technician, which allowed me to learn a lot about hardware and software related solutions, and I worked on creating many websites and applications.

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