Networking Laboratory - Lessons archive

Hi :) These are the slides I’ve made with prof. Claudio Ardagna for the Networking laboratory class, which I’ve been supporting during this academic year at University of Milan. The main tool we’ve used during the lab has been IMUNES, an open-source network topology simulator built on top of Docker and Open vSwitch.

Using this software we’ve been able to explore characteristics and implement functionalities of the whole network stack.

Slides are in italian language and cover only a part of the whole course. They are open and free to use, but please if you use them as provided, keep the credits :) If you need the PPTs, contact me via mail.

Enjoy them!


  1. Software defined networks and IMUNES
  2. Introduction to IMUNES
  3. Level 2 - Bridging and Switching
  4. Introduction to Level 3 - ARP Protocol
  5. Level 3 - IP Protocol
  6. Level 3 / Level 7 - DHCP
  7. Exporting a network topology with IMUNES
  8. Level 3 - Static routing
  9. Level 3 - Cisco syntax, dynamic routing and OSPF
  10. Level 3 - Firewalls and NAT
  11. Level 7 - Domain name system


If you find any error or inaccuracy in the content please report it to me, so that I can fix it.